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There is a lot to do, to see and to discover in South Limburg. We can't name everything for you, but we've collected the best tips with something for everyone.

Culture & history in Meerssen

Meerssen, the village where the campsite is located, has a rich history and many beautiful monuments to visit. The eye catcher of the village is the beautiful basilica. There is also a synagogue, a beautiful walking park and a heritage house.

Hotspots Meerssen

Amusement Park De Valkenier

In Valkenburg, visit the cosy family park De Valkenier with roller coasters, water slides, a Dino walking park, merry-go-rounds and many other attractions. Perfect for a day out with the whole family.

De Valkenier

The caves of Valkenburg

Valkenburg has many caves where you can discover the underground life. For example, there is the velvet cave and the marl cave. Take a guided tour and wander with your guide through the many corridors of the caves.

Caves of Valkenburg

Bonnefantenmuseum Maastricht

The Bonnefantenmuseum is a beautiful building that immediately catches the eye when visiting Maastricht! The museum has an exhibition of old, modern and contemporary art and has a varied range of exhibitions.


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